This webpage gives you additional resources related to the health topics.

These resources include downloadable datasets, indicator metadata, and links to other webpages, and data sources. Metadata gives details about how an indicator is defined and analysed.

Environmental health – Ngā Tūtohu Taiao

You can find in-depth information, statistics and metadata on the Environmental Health Intelligence NZ website,

Alcohol-related harm – Pānga waipiro

Comprehensive datasets of the alcohol-related harm indicators are available below. These are available as Excel spreadsheets by districts, territorial authority (TA), and area unit (AU). These datasets contain the data shown on Healthspace, as well as additional indicator variations and a wide range of groupings of years of data not shown on Healthspace (such as two-year, three-year, five-year, and ten-year groupings). Areas with large populations can obtain more detailed data, while areas with small populations can obtain a wider range of data that can be displayed on Healthspace in some cases.

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Other data sources

Manatū Hauora Ministry of Health

NIWA Taihoro Nukurangi

ESR He Pūtaioa, He Tāngata