Child and youth health

Child and youth healthNgā tamariki

Good health during childhood and youth is important for a healthy start in life.

These indicators describe the health status of children and youth in New Zealand

Nutrition and physical activity

Fruit and vegetable intake, eating breakfast, consumption of fizzy drinks and fast food, active transport, screen-time

Obesity and body size

Obesity, overweight, healthy weight, thin

Infectious diseases

Meningococcal disease, lower respiratory tract infections, pertussis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, serious skin infections, immunisation coverage

Mental health and developmental disorders

Emotional or behavioural problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Chronic health conditions

Asthma, eczema

Oral health

Dental caries, visits to dental health care workers


Falls, burns, poisoning, motor vehicle traffic crashes

Births and deaths

Births, infant mortality, sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI)

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Districts (formerly district health boards) are responsible for the health of the people living in their district. There are 20 districts in New Zealand.

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About the indicators

These indicators come from (i) published data from the Ministry of Health’s New Zealand Health Survey and the National Collections, from the Ministry of Health, and (ii) our analysis of the Ministry of Health’s hospitalisations data (National Minimum Dataset). For more information, see the Resources page.

These indicators provide supporting information for the New Zealand Environmental Health Intelligence (EHI) programme. For more information about the EHI programme, visit