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  • 08 August 2014
    DHB Data from the 2013 NZ Census is on CPHROnline
    DHB data on selected topics:
    housing tenure,
    personal income,
    labour force status,
    and other selected socio-economic indicators has been update to include NZ Census 2013 figures.
    Updates can be seen in the Economic Indicators, RIsk Behavour and Education atlases.
  • 18 June 2014
    NZDep2013 is now on CPHROnline
    The release of a new Index of Socioeconomic Deprivation (NZDep2013) last month, based on data from the 2013 census was a cause for great excitement amongst the EHI team. NZDep2013 combines census data relating to income, home ownership, employment, qualifications, family structure, housing, access to transport and communications to provide a (weighted) deprivation value for each census meshblock unit in New Zealand. Deprivation values range from 1 – least deprived to 10 – most deprived. NZDep2013 estimates the relative socioeconomic deprivation of an area, so cannot be used to look at changes in deprivation over time. (Ten percent of areas will always be the most deprived as they are measured only in comparison to other areas in New Zealand).
    Meshblock scores have been aggregated to provide values for Census Area Units (CAU’s).
    Deprivation values by CAU can now be viewed on CPHROnline. A filter allows users to zoom in on their District Health Board of interest, whilst a pie chart illustrates the proportion of each deprivation quintile found in the chosen DHB. This interactive mapping tool is available both as a flash report and an HTML file, suitable for smartphones and tablets.

  • 02 April 2014
    New Zealand Health Survey on CPHROnline
    Two new map reports have been added to CPHROnline, New Zealand Adult Health Survey and New Zeland Children's Health Survey. These replace the Chronic Illness and Primary Healthcare map reports providing new, up to date, information covering a wide range of physical and mental illness, health risk factors and acces to primary health care.
  • 14 March 2014
    Hauora Online data is now all in one atlas
    All Hauora Online data, comparing death rates between Maori and non-Maori is now in one Atlas. Check out Hauora Online Deaths to find data on death by: all causes, cancer (colorectal, lung and female breast), diabetes, circultaory disease (ischematic heart disease and stroke), external causes (accident including transport accident),respiratory disease (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -COPD) and suicide
  • 30 October 2013
    CPHROnline in the News
    A case study of CPHROnline was recently featured in Instant Atlas October newsletter for the Australasia region. The story was also promoted by the Pan American Health Organization in Washington DC. To read more go to: CHHROnline Case Study

  • 15 October 2013
    HTML5 files now available on CPHROnline
    HTML5 files compatible with tablets and smartphones (as well as pc's) are now available on CPHROnline. These new format reports are available alongside flash reports for all dataviews.
  • 15 April 2013
    Hauora Online is Back Online!
    Updates have been completed for Hauora Onlince. You can now access Māori health and mortality statistics from this dataview from 2000 to 2011 (based on 5 year time periods).
  • 21 March 2013
    National Hazardous Substance Hospitalisations
    The National Hazardous Substance Hospitalisation Dataview is currently undergoing updates. It will be back after Easter in a new and improved format.
  • 18 March 2013
    Hauora Online is Off Line for Updates
    We are currently updating Hauora Online. We have temorarily taken down all Hauora dataviews to all the updates to be made. Hauora Online will be back soon with new data.
  • 16 October 2012
    HNA's on CPHROnline
    Health Needs Assessment Reports for the 20 District Health Boards are available in pdf format by clicking on the "Resources" tab. These reports were completed in 2012 for the Ministry of Health's Māori Health Directorate and have a Māori health focus.
  • 07 July 2011
    Hauora Online Data Views Launched

    The Centre for Public Health Research and Te RōpūRangahau Hauora a Eru Pōmare, University of Otago Wellington and the Māori Health Directorate, New Zealand Ministry of Health, have developed the Hauora Online collection of Data Views. These are available through the CPHROnline website:

    The Data views provide 5 yearly comparative mortality data between Māori and non-Māori. Data is provided at DHB level. It is available in both tabular and map form and can be downloaded from the website. Maps include time trend charts and a summary bar chart of rates for all DHB’s. A double map option is also available for these data.

    The following data Hauora Online data views are available:
    • Deaths: All Causes
    • Cancer Deaths (including Lung, Female Breast and CRC)
    • Respiratory Disease Deaths (including COPD)
    • Circulatory Disease Deaths (including Stroke and IHD)
    • Diabetes Deaths
    • External Causes Deaths (including Suicide, Accidental Injury and Transport Accident)

  • 24 January 2011
    National Māori Demographic Data is now available in Profiles
    View both National and Regional (DHB) Māori demographic data as a profile for any chosen region. This will display a range of data together in chart and graph form, allowing comparisons between Māori and Non Māori populations to be made.
    Click on 'Geo-Type' to choose either National or Regional data then choose 'New Zealand' or the DHB of interest in the 'Available Areas' box.
  • 30 November 2010
    Environmental Health Indicators and National Hazardous Substance Surveillence Data now Available
    Two new data views have been added to CPHROnline: Environmental Health Indicators and National Hazardous Substance Surveillence. These are part of two long term monitoring projects by the Centre for Public Health Research at Massey. More data will be added as it becomes available.
  • 14 October 2010
    Welcome to CPHROnline from Professor Borman
    I am delighted to welcome you to the CPHROnline website and know that it will provide you with an exciting new tool to use in your work.
    A number of people contributed to the establishment of CPHROnline, but I especially want to thank Caroline Fyfe for her outstanding work in managing and implementing the project. Special thanks also to Massey colleagues Matt Irwin - for his valuable time setting up the server, and Rachel Summers - for her help and guidance at the project implementation stage. Pierre Jenkins and the team at InstantAtlas in Scotland also provided great support throughout the project.
    We also want to thank our collaborators on this, the Maori Health Directorate, Ministry of Health, and the Eru Pomare Maori Health Research Centre, University of Otago,/Wellington.
    Please take time to explore the site. and I am sure you will find data and information that is most useful to you. We will be adding new data when it becomes available. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have, or know of any data you would like hosted on CPHROnline.

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