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Healthy Families NZ

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Healthy Families area data:

Local area profile
Population pyramid
Single Map

Ward data:

Local area profile
Single map

New Zealand Index of Deprivation: Meshblock data:

Single map

Healthy Families local area profile and ward data:

The local area profile provides an overview of the characteristics of the each "Healthy Families" target area. The single map compares socio-demographic indicators between local authority wards within each Healthy Families target area. Indicators are listed in the table below:

Theme Indicator
Health Cigarette smoking behaviour
Proportion of population of Māori descent
Ethnicity (total response)
Number of years in NZ (for those born overseas)
Household composition
Number of adults and children in family unit
Number of families sharing a household
Number of years at usual residence
Labour force participation
Employment category
Main means of travel to work
Education Highest level of educational attainment
Household economic status
Median household income
Household income brackets
Housing tenure
Access to a motor vehicle
Access to telecommunications

Healthy Families area population pyramids:

Population pyramids provide an overview of the changing population structure in each "Healthy Families" area over time. The population is divided, by gender, into five year age bands from ≤ 5 years to ≥ 85 years. Mid-year (30th June). Population estimates, based on the 2013 census population are used.

New Zealand Index of Deprivation meshblock data:

The index of deprivation gives a weighted score for each meshblock area (a Statistics NZ defined boundary containing, on average, 81 people) in New Zealand. The score is based on nine indicators taken from the 2013 New Zealand Census. From this score, meshblocks are divided into deciles from 1 (least deprived) to 10 (most deprived). Data displayed in this atlas was created by the Wellington School of Medicine, University of Otago.

Data tables

Healthy Families Area Healthy Families Wards